NEW Thrift Store Find Plus FREE Instagram Style Images

I went to goodwill the other day on the hunt for some new public domain stuff.  There wasn’t much.  Then again, I was lazy and this Goodwill is just a few blocks from my house.  But I did find this!



And I love it.  Totally made up for that hour and a half.  This box is a total mish-mash of public domain classics, like 19th century vintage holiday kids, jewelry, flowers, and ribbon.  I really love the classic time piece!

When I got home, I busted out my phone and snapped these instagram pictures to use for crafting, editing in Blingee, greeting cards, social media, and more.

Feel free to use these images for your creative projects.  If you’re posting them online, a link back to my site is greatly appreciated 🙂



Free Birthday Clipart and Vintage Illustrations

I’m over buying expensive greetings cards.  Plus it’s much more fun to make your own anyway, even as a adult.  I wanted to find some fun, colorful and unique images for this post to inspire some real memorable birthday greetings.  These images are great for creating everything from traditional, sophisticated to super funky cards.  As always, I included some free craft ideas at the end of this post!


 Make Your Own DIY Birthday Decor with Vintage Greeting Cards

I wanted to choose a diverse collection of images to suit all kids of Birthday party tastes.  With vintage images, you can make a full set of party decor, ranging from placemats to even paper cups!

Consider these easy DIY decor ideas for that next shin-dig.

  • Quickly create your own set of vintage-style paper plates, napkins, and cups using online printing services like Totally Promotional, CafePress or VistaPrint.
  • However you can always take the super cheap (yet more crafty) route.  Just print out your chosen images on thin white paper, cut them out, and use thin non-toxic glue to decoupage your images right onto your paper cup.  This could also be a fun party activity too!
  • Create your own party placemats by printing out your images on doily style paper, or simply cut and paste your favorite images on colorful construction paper.
  • Another quick trick for making Birthday party placements is to create a colorful vintage collage and make several color copies.
  • There’s so much you can do with paper cut-outs.  Birthday party banners instantly come to mind.  Find a common theme you like in the images above and cut-out your favorite birthday illustrations or objects, like flowers, cake, birds, or animals.  Use a simple hole punch to create holes on top of your images, at least half an inch deep.  Then use colorful yarn to thread your banner together.

Free Vintage Illustrations of Chocolate, Cakes, More Desserts & Baking.

Who has a crafty sweet tooth these days?  I most certainly do, so I thought a fun sweets n’ treats themed post would be a good way to start Monday off.  Luckily I have the day off from work, leaving even more time to create a few more posts for the queue.  Look out for more posts on free vintage images of houses and buildings, Fourth of July, and more summer themes.

In the mean time, this curated collection of vintage images are great for Valentines Day of course, but they’re also handy for making crafts for Grandma, role play toys, Mother’s Day cards, anniversary bouquet decorations, and more creative projects.

Create Your Own Plush Play Food With Vintage Illustrations!

Did you know that you can use these free vintage images to create your own plush play food?  Yep!  Create a screen print, or make a print-out on fabric, of your favorite dessert images above.  Use fabric paints to make your soon-to-be plush desserts really stand out.  You can find quality fabric painting kits at any local or major craft store, plus you will also need poly-fiber-fil for the stuffing, embroidery thread and needles for sewing, and a sturdy cotton sheet.  Even a used white pillowcase will work!

  • Closely follow the instructions for your chosen screen/fabric printing and painting kit to create your image
  • After washing your fabric, and making sure the image is permanent and won’t bleed, create a dotted outline around your image (on the back using a fabric crayon.)  Make sure the dotted line is at least an inch away from the picture.
  • Match up your fabric with another plain sheet so you can make two sides before cutting.
  • Once you have your fabric cut-outs, turn the image side facing in before you stitch.
  • Double up on your thread, and use a simple yet sturdy back-stitch to create your toy.
  • Make sure to leave enough room to add your stuffing.
  • Turn your toy inside out so the image is facing out again.  Just add your stuffing, stitch up the gap, and voila; you just made original plush toys using cool vintage images!

*Copyright information for the commercial use of vintage jell-o ads are unknown.  For the purposes of this post, the above vintage jell-o ads are for personal craft use only.

Free Vintage Illustrations of Apples, Orchards, Pies, & More Apple Related Items

Vintage illustrations of apples, orchards and apple desserts can inspire a wave of warm and fuzzy inspired craft projects.  I carefully curated the following selection of vintage images from a variety of my favorite image databases and vintage blogs online.  Apple motifs are perfect for spring and summer party invitations, coasters, decoupaging coffee tables and dressers, postcards, and many more charming projects.  The following vintage images are free for personal use and even some for commercial use too!

Create apple inspired ornaments for Christmas, rustic tabletop designs, summer cabin decor, and even screen prints for napkins.

Quick & Easy Apple Cards For Teachers!

Apple themed gives are perfect for teachers on the first day of school, National Teachers Day, and new teaching credential graduates.  The above images are free for personal craft projects and can inspire a variety of different greeting card styles, from super funky to classy and sophisticated.

  • Simply choose and print out your favorite vintage apple illustrations on thicker, high-quality paper.
  • On the back of your printed image, use the following apple shaped stencil to draw the shape for your greeting card.

  • To make a folding card, trace an additional apple shape directly next to the other and make sure the sides are touching.  Or you can just adjust the sizing of the stencil below.


  • Position your stencil on the back of your printed card-stock and begin to trace.  I personally like the look of cut-off illustrations or illustrations that continue on both sides.
  • Once you’ve cut out your greeting card, add a few splashes of decorations, like simple and fine iridescent glitter and colorful outlines.  If you’re using an apple tree or orchard illustrations, paint the apples in bright red to make them stand out.
  • If you want to give your apple greeting card a little shine, add a thin layer of Modge Podge glossy varnish with just a hint of super fine iridescent glitter.

* The Copyright information for the vintage labels in this post are unknown.  Please investigate copyright information further before using in your commercial works. 

Free Vintage Illustrations of Bees & Honey

Well, San Francisco seems to be back to its traditional gloomy summers this year, but there have definitely been some sunny days sprinkled in here and there.  Seasons inspire so many creative ideas, and there are tons of public domain and vintage-inspired illustrations to match.

I’ve had that spring classic “bees & honey” combo on my brain lately, so I decided to beat the fog down and comb through the web to curate another spring-themed post.  Bees & honey are charming themes for baby showers, summer birthday cards, gardening themed crafts, and more.  These illustrations really stood out to me, plus I also threw in some modern yet retro-inspired ones in there too.  Enjoy!

Easy Decorative Ideas For Your House Plants

Free vintage images of bees and honey set the stage for some serious garden-inspired crafts.  I used to make fun, crafty decor for my grandmother’s potted plants all the time.  Plus it’s a creative yet subtle way dress up your home for a special occasion without going too gaudy.  AND they’re super easy to make!

  • You’ll need the following:  Long wooden picks for kabobs, access to a color printer, colored card stock, glitter glue (and other decorative supplies of your choice) and varnish
  • Simply print out your favorite images above and carefully cut them out.
  • Paste your cut-outs onto the colored card stock of your choice.  This will create a stronger backing for your image.
  • I suggest using quality serrated crafts scissors to create a unique pattern on the edges of your cut-out.  Regular sharpened scissors work fine too.  Quick tip: use serrated scissors to create a cool postage stamp-like pattern for your cut-outs!
  • Once your mounted cut-outs are ready, use a glue gun to fasten them to your kabob sticks.  Add two or even three cut-outs to create some real elaborate plant decor.
  • Don’t forget to add some of your favorite decorative elements, like hints of glitter, nail polish, and crayon
  • The last thing you have to do is varnish your work to protect it better from damage.  I prefer use both a spray sealer and glossy Modge Podge Varnish.  Crackling varnish with a touch of food coloring or nail polish looks great too!

Free Vintage Illustrations of Milk, Cheese, and Dairy Related Products

I was inspired to write and curate this post after remembering an old episode of Iron Chef America.  It was the Milk & Honey episode, and I still remember those chef tables overflowing with milk, cheese, cream, and other delicious dairy products.  I did away with the honey part (leaving that for an upcoming Bees & Honey Post) and focused on finding a unique variety of retro illustrations, milk ads, and even vintage bottle cap designs.

Create a Collage For the Kitchen!

Free vintage illustrations present a great opportunity to create fresh kitchen decor at no charge.  For this latest quick craft, all you need is a color printer, a plain wood plaque (or any plain wood square that’s roughly the size of a piece of lined paper), glue, scissors, modge podge, ribbon, nails, and any optional decorations like fine glitter, yarn, or sequins.

  • Cut out as many of the above images as you want and arrange a collage on your wood surface.  I prefer to use a thinner glue when pasting images; decoupage craft glue, YES paste, and moistened glue sticks work the best.
  • Once your collage has dried, turn it over and create a loop using a small piece of ribbon and a couple small nails; thumbtacks and staple guns work too.
  • The best part is making your collage super sleek and shiny!  Bust out your trusty Modge Podge to create a classic glossy college surface.
  • While the surface is still wet, consider adding a few subtle elements, like a dash of fine glitter or crayon shavings.  Then after the Modge Podge completely hardens, add a cute, simple painted border around the edges of your plaque.
  • And voila!  Your charming little kitchen plaque is done.  This also a gift that your grandma or foodie friend will love.

How The Past Envisioned The Future: Artwork That Looked Forward

I posted this a while back in my What’s Up Unicorn Blog but thought it was a perfect fit for here.

These illustrations are just a sampling of a much larger collection of French Prints that explore the year 2000. These 19th century prints are amazing and packed with such intriguing ideas and designs for the time. Get inspired for that next video game design, comic book, or painting!