Free Vintage Illustrations For Mother’s Day 2015

It’s official.  Mother’s Day 2015 is a month away.  Whoo hoo!  Time for a fresh new batch of quick craft ideas, which definitely comes in handy when you’re having that ‘last-minute gifter’ moment.  All of these free vintage illustrations can be quickly printed out to make beautiful handcrafted greeting cards, small gift tags, centerpiece decor, paper banners, and stylish e-greetings.

Dress Up Your Mother’s Day Bouquet With Free Vintage Illustrations!

The above illustrations make quick yet beautiful print-outs for Mother’s Day gifts.  I carefully curated the above collection from a variety of databases and online articles.  These vintage greeting cards and illustrations stood out for their color palettes and unique illustrations.  There’s perfect for paper crafting!  And super fun and EASY craft you can do with these images is to make cool decorations for your traditional Mother’s Day flowers.

Sure, you could go out and buy fancy bouquets with decorations, but why not make your own which your mother is sure to love even more?  For this craft idea, you will need long wooden kabob picks.  You can find these for a few bucks at Walgreens or your local convenience store if you don’t already have them at home.  Other than that, this is free to super low-cost craft, plus a great opportunity to use up some of those leftover sequins, puff balls, glitter, pipe cleaners, stickers, and other craft supplies.

  • Quick Tip:  Choose vintage images that correspond well with the natural colors in your bouquet.  For example, the light turquoise and yellow ribbon greeting card featured above would pair beautifully with a bouquet of pink and red roses since those colors are complementary.  
  • To Make your plant decorations, print out your chosen images above and print them out on thick, high-quality paper.  Consider using glossy paper for this one too!
  • Using scissors or an x-acto knife, preciously cut-out your illustrations.  If your paper doesn’t feel sturdy enough, create some backing with a piece of cardboard.
  • These images look creative and interesting on their own, but they’re also a lot of fun to dress up with craft supplies.  Try outlining your images with thin lines of metallic paint and adding small hints of fine glitter to give them an extra-whimsical look.  Vintage greeting cards also look fabulous with charming fabric accents, like ribbon, lace, silk, ad bows.
  • Once your decorations have dried, glue your decorations onto a long kabob stick.  I recommend busting out the glue gun for this one.  Add 2 to 4 of these whimsical DIY decorations to make your Mother’s Day gift a little more unique and personal.

Trust me, Moms love homemade stuff 😉


Free Vintage Illustrations of Gardens and Gardening

I love Springtime crafts and artwork!  It was this past Easter that finally inspired me to create this free vintage images blog for all creative types to enjoy.  There’s something so nostalgic about the pastel color palettes, cute bunny images, and bright retro illustrations of carrots and veggies.  And speaking of which, I’m not done with my adoration of whimsical spring themed clipart.  I gathered the following public domain clip art from my favorite online databases to help inspire that next project!

vintage garden herbs ad 01 vintage garden lawnmower ad 01  vintage garden veggie advertisement 01

These late 1800’s print ads for herbs, gardening supplies, and seeds can be used in a variety of creative ways.  Here’s a quick tip for turning that old, plain wooden night table with surface damage into a brand new, unique piece of furniture.

  • Using simple sandpaper, smooth down the surface of your night stand table, removing any damaged varnish and other surface damage.
  • Take measurements of your night stand’s surface so you can accurately adjust the sizes your chosen image(s).
  • Decor Tip: Covering nearly the entire surface with a compelling vintage gardening ad would make a stylish and interesting piece of bedroom furniture! 
  • After gluing or decoupaging or your images to the surface, allow to dry and evenly cover the night table with furniture grade seal and varnish.

vintage garden kids cabbage patchsuburbia-gardening-children-raking-wmkkids-garden-2kids-garden-4

kids-garden-3  vintage garden swamp kids book

A Bit of History

These retro garden images above were popular during the post WWII effort to encourage more gardening and food production nationwide.  Similar messages were also prevalent during Hoover’s administration and throughout FDR’s terms as President.  It was all part of a nationwide effort to invest more in activities that ‘grow’ the country and its economy.  So gardening as a symbol fit perfectly with those campaigns.  COMING SOON: Vintage Wartime Posters and Illustrations!

The fact that free vintage illustrations are more than 70 to over 150 years old adds a bit of mystery and intrigue to them.  That’s why you can make the most chilling and mysterious Halloween cards with anonymous vintage photos of home interiors, foggy landscapes, and family photos.

These above illustrations on the other hand can be used as unique teaching aids for United States history courses, along with the thousands of historical photos and illustrations available online.

Make The Perfect Spring-Themed Thank You Note

Easter 2015 came and went, but that doesn’t mean your springtime crafting ends there!  The above images of kids gardening make adorable Thank-You notes for grandparents and neighbors.  Simply print them out on postcard quality paper and add a thin layer of glossy varnish on the surface to add a bit of natural shimmer.  These also work great as mini to/from note cards for birthdays and gift tags for new neighbors too.




A Collection Of Free Whimsical Vintage Illustrations

These mysterious and fanciful vintage images are great for sparkling up your blog or inspiring that next great stationary idea.  Flower fairies and woodland themed subjects reminds me a lot of those clocks, hanging wall art, and jewelry boxes by Moonlight & Roses; all of their fantastic decor and accessories feature beautiful public domain vintage illustrations.  Could these whimsical images inspire your next creative project?

whimsical blue flower fairy 1whimsical yellow flower fairy 1whimsical fairy drawings 1whimsical valentines day doves boat 1vintage whimsical rose wreath ring 1whimsical flower bouquet 1vintage whimsical envelope birds 1whimsical tree 1whimsical bird eggs flowers 1whimsicallandscape1toys-21whimsical cottage image 1vintage whimsical blue flowers note 1

Tips For Turning Whimsical Vintage Illustrations Into Creative Notes and Decor

These selected vintage illustrations make inspired templates for the aforementioned special occasions.  Their soft, pastel color palette make them an ideal choice for Baby Showers, Easter, and sophisticated yet sweet postcards for Grandma.

Quick & Creative Vintage Postcards Grandma Will Love

Using free vintage illustrations to make DIY postcards, invites, and party decor saves time most importantly.  With such beautiful images to choose from, you can sit back and let the illustrations themselves do a chunk of the work if you’re running low on time.  Need to send a last-minute DIY postcard to Grandma?  Just follow these 3 super quick steps.

  • Simply print out your favorite whimsical illustrations on high-quality postcard paper
  • Evenly apply modge podge glossy varnish mixed with fine iridescent glitter and allow to dry.
  • Once dried, use serrated craft scissors to make a lovely pattern along the sides of your postcard

And Voila! Your DIY postcard for Grandma is done in 10 minutes or less.

Paper Cut-Out Banners

The next time you find yourself in a last-minute party planning bind, remember that free vintage printables come quite in handy in the decorating department.  All you need is a good color printer with thick high quality paper, scissors, modge podge glossy varnish (optional), and other optional materials like glitter, confetti, sequins, mini bows, and satin ribbon.

Vintage heart and flower illustrations make fantastic paper-cut out banners for valentines day.  Try cutting out vintage yellow roses, tulips, fluffy chick illustrations, and green leaves to make fresh paper banners for springtime birthdays and Easter.  If you’re in that super intricate crafting mood, bust out that x-acto knife to make the most precise and detailed paper cut-out banners.

Free Vintage Images of School Related Subjects


These late 17th century ink drawings make fantastic templates for classic-inspired crafts for grandparents and college graduates.  Try cutting out and decoupaging the above images on plain journals with hard cardboard or wooden covers.  Don’t hesitate to add some color to these throwback black and white vintage images.  After gluing, splash some colorful paint wash to create a quick and cool journal for a pre-teen.

study-pic-3study-pic-4study-pic-5 study-pic-6

These free vintages images of school children come in handy for making quick DIY gifts for teachers, parents groups events, and back to school cards.  Try printing them out on postcard quality paper to make thoughtful congratulatory postcards for brand new teachers.  Elementary school staff could also blow up these pictures to make large welcoming signs for the first day of school!

study-pic-7 vintage-animal-school-cards-1 vintage-animal-school-cards-2 vintage-animal-school-cards-3

It’s the fresh and pastel color palette of these vintage illustrations that really caught my eye.  The animal alphabet cards above reminds me of eeBoo’s creative toy aesthetic.  Plus these creative animal cards would make an awesome new addition to a teacher’s classroom.  Simply print out the above cards on cardstock quality paper to make brand new flashcards to kick start the post spring break school season.


Free Vintage Images Of Pink Roses

Pink Rose Greeting 2Pink Rose Greeting 1

These beautiful pink rose vintage birthday greetings can be used for a wide variety of crafts.  Particularly Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day Greetings!  Decoupage is the best way to go here. Check out the following ideas and craft instructions below to get inspired.

  • Using an x-acto knife, create a precise cut-out of the images above, or any other free vintage images that jump out at you on this site.
  • Arrange your cut-outs into a lovely composition on either a small wooden coffee table or stool, plaque, container, or a plain wooden jewelry box.  You can find a lot of different plain wooden objects at major craft stores like Michael’s or other art supply stores.
  • Don’t forget to let your imagination run wild!  Your Mother’s Day decoupage composition could be everything from a sweet floral border to a bold and colorful collage of vintage wildflowers.
  • The best glue for decoupage projects is either YES paste or thinned down craft glue.  Decoupage-specific glues are ideal too, but I prefer working with YES paste.  It has a much thicker consistency than other craft glues, yet it’s quite “buttery” and smooth.  I actually find it’s easier to smooth out air pockets, but you can thin it down easily with a moistened paintbrush.  Just my two cents here 😉
  • Once you’ve pasted your vintage cut-outs onto the surface of whatever object you’re working with, you’ll need to varnish your project after it has dried.
  • I prefer Mod Podge varnish, the glossy kind.  I’ve been working with it for years.  Other varnishes probably work fine, but I know Modge Podge and many crafters and artists prefer it as well.
  • Decoupage is quick, easy, and produces fabulous results for such little work.  With that being said, take some risks with your decoupaged gift.  Try spicing up your vintage mother’s day crafts with fine glitter, dried flowers, and even colored sand!

This post’s image is in the public domain and is free to use for both personal use and commercial work.