FREE Public Domain Vintage Halloween Illustrations & Craft Ideas

Hey!  Why not get a head start on all those creative decor ideas for Halloween?  Homegoods is already stocking their shelves with sparkly, classic, and somewhat downright bizarre Halloween decor.  So I’ve had Halloween on the brain ever since.  The public domain gods were very generous when it came to Halloween, as there are so many illustrations to choose from.  The following are some of my favorites so far and and handy for today’s last craft idea list.

Halloween Craft Ideas for 2015

Okay this site is all about bringing back public domain vintage art, and no one celebrated Halloween better than these imaginative, and often very bizarre, vintage postcards.  Remember these craft ideas when you’re creating your own DIY decor, party supplies, and homemade gifts.

  1. Coasters – laminated paper circle cut-outs of your favorite images or decoupage them onto pre-owned coasters that need a Halloween makeover!
  2. Plates & Drinkware – Did you know you can print our your own custom Halloween plates online?  Sites like Cafepress lets you make everything from mugs, t-shirts, teddy bears and so many more usable products with your favorite vintage Halloween illustrations above.  This is perfect for Halloween Birthdays and special Halloween parties.
  3. Create cocktail rings, pendants, broaches, mini frames pieces, and more treasures to sell at craft fairs and farmer’s markets
  4. Adjust your favorite images to black and white to create a unique Hallowing coloring book for all ages.
  5. Use scissors or an x-acto knife to create cut-outs for a Halloween themed diorama, collage, or miniature puppet theater.

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